Andrew Doane LLC     
Sarasota Home Improvements       
              JOINT E.P.A. & H.U.D. CERTIFIED
Andrew Doane is an E.P.A. & H.U.D. certified lead environmental inspection consultant providing safe lead
detection, renovation, repair and re-painting of surfaces that have applications of lead paint.  

In 1978 lead was banned from being used in paint for residential use due to the hazard that lead poses as a risk to
human health for the young and old as well as  pregnant women and those with compromised immune systems.  

Traditional renovation practices can create significant dust-lead hazards if lead-based paint is disturbed or leaded
dust is generated and inhaled creating a health hazard. The practice of EPA & HUD required procedures for
renovation ensure that your environment is safe from the hazard of lead poisoning.  

You will be provided with a confidential report of investigative findings as well as our renovation and/or repair
techniques fully explained with photo documentation for use by property owners, real estate agents, home owners
associations, condominium associations, building inspectors or insurance companies.